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Advanced Tactical Security


ATS Security Training Center Corp is a Not-For-Profit Corporation designed and founded by Frank Thornton, Owner of Advanced Tactical Security LLC, ATS Investigative Division LLC, and ATS Assets Protection.


The main goal of ATS Security Training Center Corp is to open the door and provide employment for Graduating Law Enforcement Academy recruits and;

  1. To use the not for profit status to attain grants for this endeavor.
  2. To use the not for profit school status to acquire grants designed for not for profit organizations to further the education in levels non-existent today.


In acquiring grants, it is our intent to expand the school services in several areas. 

  1. To offer training at a much reduced or (free of cost) to individuals seeking security training.
  2. To offer extended OJT training that is non-existent in our industry.
  3. To offer new and existing clients a more knowledgeable and trained officer than now exists.
  4. To offer new academy graduates immediate employment during their wait to be hired by the PD, SO or Fire Department of their choice.
  5. Offer security training and positions for the disabled and underprivileged that is not offered elsewhere.
  6. Develop and initiate a security program similar to the Sheriffs Department Explorer program aimed toward graduating youth.
  7. To provide training and employment to individuals that simply does not exist in the security field as it currently stands.


As a non-profit organization we may receive the financial assistance that is gravely needed to expand and improve the training for new and current field officers.  Also offering the correct (on site) weapons training that is now at a great cost to individuals by combining the two aspects in our curriculum.


These changes and opportunities will benefit our local businesses, people searching for stable employment, returning veterans searching for employment in a field that matches their training and experience, including the disabled and underprivileged.  These superiorly trained individual’s will be a great asset to our local law enforcement agencies.


As with any new idea, when everyone wins, it is a good idea.  Our challenges with integrating smoothly within each municipality will require rewriting how we have done things in security to this time.  This small obstacle will require assessing each standard policing protocol for those individual law enforcement agencies.  This is a requirement that must be tackled first to assure that we are and asset and not a hindrance to each of those agencies.  Maintaining full cooperation with those agencies to not overstep any boundaries real or perceived.


Keeping in mind that our first and foremost goal is to provide Professional Security jobs to the men and women who have devoted time, money, and great effort to their field of study.