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Advanced Tactical Security

ATS Security Training Center Corp is a non-profit organization.  We are now dependent upon donations, gifts, and grants to make this opportunity possible.
We have for years accomplished this task out of pocket, so to say, through our benifactor parent company (Advanced Tactical Security LLC).  Unfortunately, as our national economy has fallen over these past 3.5 years, so has the corporate support through the clients of Advanced Tactical Security.
We are now reaching out to the Americans that can help  support us financially so we may continue and expand our efforts in providing jobs and a much needed higher level of professional security than ever before.
We are accepting donations of any amount to continue.
Help us give these Law enforcement, EMT, and Firemen graduates the opportunity to work in or near their field of study until hired by an area police, Sheriff, or Fire Department.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will benifit not only these men and women, but the communities they are working in.
Make donations payable to:
ATS Security Training Center Corp.
5652 Isabelle Ave.
Port Orange, Florida  32127
Thank you and may God bless you.
Genesis 12:3
Frank Thornton