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Advanced Tactical Security


v    First and foremost is the safety of our officers and clients.


v    To employ in a unique way the resources at hand (retired law enforcement, new law enforcement graduates and current sworn officers who need to supplement their current income).


v    To place these men and women in uniform and keep their training fresh and build upon what they have learned.  Involve them in the security/policing community and in close contact with law enforcement


v    To expand what is taught in the police academy to include security training and security concerns.  When these men and women are finally hired by an agency, this knowledge will be invaluable to them as a sworn officer.


v    To build and operate a quality 8 or 10 station indoor weapons training range limited to law enforcement and security personnel.


v    To place marked vehicles on the road throughout Volusia County concentrating first within the Daytona/Port Orange area.  Vehicles equipped with gear valuable and essential to both security and law enforcement, as well as life saving equipment and any free training our combined local law enforcement and Fire departments are willing to extend.


These changes will open the door to roving patrols in areas that are in the greatest need of security presence and as an aid to our local policing departments.  By grouping these businesses to share the expense of these patrols would be much easier to accomplish when the client understands that these same men and women may some day be sworn officers responding to these same areas.  This knowledge will also build a stronger confidence in a client relationship with these businesses while offering a much higher caliber of security officer in those areas.


In accomplishing the above, we will offer the best of the best pool of well trained officers entering not only the field of law enforcement, but also working our streets as real security officers.  Your departments will also enjoy having that same pool of officers to draw upon with confidence in times of natural or manmade disasters.  ATS will also help weed out the Rambo’s through our evaluations before they become an agency embarrassment.  In essence, these men and women officers can be sworn into active police duty at any time.


In speaking with a Daytona State College Representitive, I was advised that their classes are full for the next three training cycles.  Some of these men and women may never take their final state exam, yet they have completed their training.  They may simply become career Security officers of the highest caliber. 


This can only be a win/win endeavor for our community as a whole.


ATS would be equipped and trained to bring new clients into our areas of protection in groups to split the overall security cost, giving us the opportunity to provide REAL security at greatly reduced cost to businesses and the ability to pay officers a realistic wage.  


And in relation to that thought, allow a select few of the security officers who intend to be eventually hired by a law enforcement department, to take one or two days per month to ride as an auxiliary officer to gain a fuller knowledge of the working patrol officer within their city or county area.


Allow me to make this clear:

We are not now nor do we strive to be anything more than the best provider of professional security officers.  Well-trained Security officers working with our local law enforcement agencies with professionalism and respect.  Partners united in the efforts to maintain the safety of the businesses and streets of our communities.


Frank Thornton, CEO


Advanced Tactical Security LLC

ATS Investigative Division LLC

ATS Security Training Center Corp

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